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Hello from Arizona

Julie F.

Finally got around to re-installing this fuel pump. Followed the youtube  video and it was flawless. Primed the pump 5-6 times and turned over  the engine. Perfect!!
Volvo wanted to charge me 1200 dollars for a new fuel pump. By  utilizing Troy, I saved around 850 dollars. This is the way to go!!

Daniel B.

Nice contact and good help Best regards from the River Rhein

David K

Service  was  excellent. Despite not having the traditional issue of paint globs  clogging up the fuel pump screens once opened, it turned out that the  high pressure pump was bad when tested. The pump was replaced quickly as  well as the interior paint removal and rebuild of the fuel cell. The  rebuilt unit was reinstalled in about 30 minutes, a new fuel filter/  water separator was installed, the unit primed 10 times and fired on the  first turn on the key! Thanks to Troy for saving us well over $1000  just in parts alone! If you are having any issues with your Volvo fuel  cell, send it here first! Great service, great turn around time, great  results! 

Andrew B.

Volvo Penta Fuel Cell


Excellent  service with an awesome product. I installed this within an hour and no  longer have concern that my factory pumps are going to fail at the  worst possible time at sea. Highly recommend this service over buying  from Volvo directly.

Walter C.

My  boat mechanic told me I needed to replace both fuel pumps ($1,200 each  plus labor). He never mentioned the ethanol gas destroying the paint  inside the pump, or the fact that it could be rebuilt. I searched  YouTube and found Troy's video series and it was a gift from God. Having  several years of training as a mechanic I decided to purchase two  O-Ring kits and take a run at rebuilding them myself. I would not have  attempted it, without Troy's excellent videos. It was a huge amount of  tedious work with a Dremel tool, and numerous other tools to get the  inside of the pumps paint free. Troy's price of $250 is very reasonable  considering the amount of work to be done, and his guarantee. I also  removed and cleaned the fuel pressure regulators (also in Troy's videos)  and used my air compressor to blow out the fuel lines from the pump to  the regulator. My port engine's fuel pump went from -2 pounds of  pressure to 12 on the low side pump, and from 45 to 54 on the high side  pump. My starboard engine's fuel pump went from 4 pounds of pressure to  12 on the low side pump, and from 38 to 53 on the high side pump. I can  actually use my boat again!  Troy, you saved me literally thousands of  dollars. I can't thank you enough.

Tom S.

Your product worked when an e-bay competitor let me down. I ordered a  Chinese made product for approx $166 off the net and it was leaking all  over. I wrote to them and they sent me another. Same issue, leaking  again. The person seemed to get upset that his product could no way both  have the same issue. I found out both were leaking past the needle and  seat into my intake and flooding my cylinders with fuel. Luckily I did  not break a rod thru hydro lock.I decided to give you a shot and Your  product worked first go. You have a customer for life! At least you test  your product to ensure it works before reaching the customer. Expect my  old core to be coming your way. I just dropped it off at the post  office. Sincerely, Tom S. (your new customer for life).

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