Q.  If I send in my original pump assembly and have it back as a "completely refurbed" fresh pump system including new pumps (both), which "service" do I select to accomplish that from your website store? 

A.   It would be the $400 Service.


Q.  If instead I opt for purchasing a "previously refurbished assembly" does it include "new" or "refurbished" OEM LP and HP pumps?  

A.  It includes New Aftermarket LP and HP pumps.  It is too expensive to buy the OEM (HP=$300 and LP is only available integrated in a new assembly)

Q.  If "new pumps" are to be installed is that included in the $300 price?  

A.  No, the $300 service includes testing of your existing pumps.  95% of the time by the time I am contacted the pumps are too far gone and it results in replacement

Q.  If I opt for purchasing a "previously refurbished assembly" has all of the internal black paint been removed?  

A.  Yes, I will also include a return label (Domestic Purchases Only) so that you can return your assembly for a Core Refund 

Q.  How much do I get back for a Core Refund.

A.  $25 for Salt Water used and $75 for Fresh Water used.  Note:  If the Salt water assembly is salvageable then it will be worth $75  

Q.  If I opt for purchasing a "previously refurbished assembly" is the complete assembly OEM (Volvo/Carter) or aftermarket?  

A.  The assembly is OEM and the LP and HP pumps are aftermarket  

Q.  Is there any advantage to refurbishing my original pump assembly vs just buying one of your "previously refurbished" assemblies? 

A.  You would save $50-$100 if I refurbished yours but it will also take 7-10 days whereas just buying one will get you back on the water faster via Priority 2-3 mail.